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Somatic BodyTalk: The Deep Dive

A four week exploration, looking at what's hidden in our bodies, releasing the hidden, unseen, unacknowledged beliefs and points of view we are holding. Using BodyTalk and Somatic exercises.  


Join Ally in this intensive 4 week deep dive journey into the depths of your somatic self. In this course, you will gain the tools on how to access your emotions, traumas, beliefs and more at a somatic level, and then how to process, integrate and release them. 

Week 1: Exploring the fight response. Learn how to deactivate the fight that lives within your nervous system,by using somatic exercises to complete the incomplete responsive reactions. 

Weeks 2: Exploring the flight response. Learn how to move out of the flight response and regulate your nervous system. 

Week 3: Exploring the freeze response. Using somatic exercises, explore the freeze and how to move your system out of it. 

Week 4: Explore the fawn response. Gain an understanding of the fawn response, and why the body goes into this state. Learn how to regulate and move through this. 

Each week will include a group bodytalk session to integrate the somatic work and teachings. 

When: Nov. 7, Nov. 14., Nov. 21., Nov. 28

Where: Location shared after registration

Fee: $250

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