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Men's Kambo Retreat

Join Carissa and Chris for a men's only kambo retreat this November long weekend. Centered around themes such as societal expectations and conditioning, inner self exploration and understanding emotions. 


Join Carissa and Chris for this men's only 3 day kambo retreat where you will explore topics with the kambo and through connection such as:

-inner child connection

-conditioning you may have been exposed to, versus who you are/want to be

-parts of yourself you are not honouring and acknowledging

-emotions you are ignoring because of conditioning

-emotions you have locked inside and need to release

-what fears might you carry in todays social situations, relationships with spouses, etc 

-how does that differ than who you are with their peers, colleagues and when you are alone behind closed doors

-where resistance come from

-who do you want to be if you were allowed to take off the mask you might be wearing

-what secrets do you carry inside of yourself that keep you from evolving into the man you crave and want to be.

Dates: November 11 - 13

Fee: $800

Time: 10am - 3:30pm

Location: Oshun House

8 spots available

More information sent after registration

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