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2 day Kambo Retreat

Join Carissa + Alana in this immersive 2 day retreat at Oshun house in Saskatoon. This retreat is for those who have experienced or currently are experiencing trauma, neglect, abuse, loss, grief, misattunement, disconnect etc to their parent(s) or caregiver(s). With the help of kambo, learn how these past or current experiences affect your life, how your body holds on to them, and how to process and begin to release them. 

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This group consists of 3 sessions (2 kambo and 1 integration). In this group, you will go within and discover the undiscoverable as it relates to stored emotion. Where in the body is it being held, what story, trauma or experience does the pain have attached to it?, has it manifested physically into illness?. 

Each session you will venture deeper into the connection between the experiences or emotions, and learn how to release what no longer serves you. 

When: February 10 + 11, 2023; 9am - 4pm each day. Private integration session scheduled for later that week. 

Where: Oshun House

Fee: $950 (some insurance providers provide coverage for this service)

Note: only 8 spaces available

**Please note: after registration, Carissa will contact you to determine if you meet criteria for kambo. Registration fee is not due until you have been cleared for kambo use. 

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