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Re-Packing Emotions

Join Carissa + Alana on a year long journey of a deep dive into your emotions with the help of kambo. Learn where your emotions come from, what they mean, how to process them, what stories they tell, what effects them, how to release/accept them, and much more. 


12 months. 12 themes. 12 kambo with integration. 

With each month focusing on a different theme (anxiety, grief, sadness, control + more), this deep dive into one's self will leave you having a better understanding, appreciation + acceptance of yourself. 

Each kambo session will be centered around the part of the body that holds different emotions associated with that month's theme. Understanding where they come from and what stories they tell, and how to reconnect back to your body with full acceptance of self. 

More information coming soon. 

Start date: January 2023

Fee: $2400 

10 people max

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