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Journey Home Bookclub

Join Lyndsay and Sarah for a weekly therapeutic bookclub that explores a different topic/book each time. 


This 5 week therapeutic bookclub meets weekly to discuss concepts, insights and themes surrounding an intentionally chosen book. Within the group, we will explore how to connect the book into our personal lives in a therapeutic way, navigating together how to reconnect to ourselves. We will meet in-person to share what we've learned, hear others insights, and learn to apply it to our life and experiences. Since both of the facilitators are registered, and this group is therapeutic, you may be able to submit for benefit reimbursement.

This quarter's book is Mother Hunger. A quick synopsis of the book: 

"Many of us find ourselves stuck in unhealthy habits simply because we don't see a better way. With Mother Hunger, McDaniel helps women break the cycle of destructive behavior by taking a fresh look at childhood trauma and its lasting impact. In doing so, she destigmatizes the shame that comes with being under-mothered and misdiagnosed. McDaniel offers a healing path with powerful tools that include therapeutic interventions and lifestyle changes in service to healthy relationships.

The constant search for mother love can be a lifelong emotional burden, but healing begins with knowing and naming what we are missing. McDaniel is the first clinician to identify Mother Hunger, which demystifies the search for love and provides the compass that each woman needs to end the struggle with achy, lonely emptiness, and come home to herself." (- Google Books)

The themes we will explore: 

- What is mother hunger

- Attachment theory

- Nurturance, protection + guidance

- and lots more

Current Book: Mother Hunger: How Adult Daughters can Understand and Heal from Lost Nurturance. Protection and Guidance; By: Kelly McDaniel


When: Saturdays from 1pm - 3pm: March 11, 18, 25, April 1 + April 15 (off April 8th for Easter)

Where: Location shared after registration

Fee: $700 
*note: we have 2 spots reserved on a sliding scale fee for those who would like to join the group, but find that their financials are limited. 

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