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Meet the Founders

Sarah + Lyndsay

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Lyndsay and Sarah met (as many do in 2021) online, in a facebook group of likeminded individuals. They connected over their mutual career as therapists, and deepened their connection through their mutual interests in holistic health, somatic work and psychedelic therapy (check out our private practice at New Earth Therapy). 

Sarah is a Registered Psychotherapist who first came to somatic work over 6 years ago. She believes that every human has the innate ability to heal and move through things, but that very often we get in our own way. When not working, you will usually find Sarah on her acreage (her grounding place) with her husband, 6 year old son and herd of animals (dog, cats, chickens + more coming!), in the garden, creating in the kitchen, or curled up with a (very strong) coffee and book.

Her favorite:

  • book is anything dystopian

  • food is poutine

  • smell (and sound) is rain

  • holiday spot is Tofino

  • music is 90s hiphop

  • past-time is sitting around the fire with her son and husband


Lyndsay is a Registered Psychologist who first came to somatic work over a decade ago. She believes in the mind body soul connection, and much of her work centres on this. When not at work, you will find Lyndsay outside with her pack of dogs, researching natural healthcare, creating new recipes in the kitchen or anywhere near a body of water. 

Her favorite: 

  • book is Waking the Tiger by Peter Levine

  • food is ... she's not picky, she likes it all

  • smell is citrus and vanilla notes

  • holiday spot is anywhere near water

  • music is eclectic 

  • past-time is being outside

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