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Immersive Somatic Retreat

This somatic based 2 day, 2 night retreat is a continuation of the 2 day retreat. This weekend is the epitome of deep, transformational inner work. 

*Note: In order to register for this retreat, you must have done our 1 day retreat and 2 day retreat.

Dry Plants

This 2 day, 2 night retreat provides the opportunity to go even deeper into the work and foundational skills learnt at our previous retreats. Using somatic based work, we will gently continue guiding into gaining a deeper understanding of your emotions, beliefs, values, expectations, relationships, thoughts and more. 

Over the course of the weekend, you will be given opportunities to move through trauma, depression, anxiety, sadness, grief - whatever it is that is holding you back from experiencing presence and joy in your life. 

This retreat is by registration, however, you must have attended our 1-day foundational retreat and 2 day experiential retreat to register for this immersive one. A certain level of self-awareness and previous work is required. If you are feeling called to explore the deeper layers of who you are, and to understand how to accept and love all aspects of yourself, we're ready to help support you. 

To register for this retreat, visit our online booking at the button below (Registration opens February 2024)

This 2-nightretreat will provide some amazing opportunities including: 

  • Somatic Experiencing (group + individual)

  • Somatic Breathwork

  • optional macro dose Kambo

  • Hypnotherapy/meditation

  • Fascia work

  • Myofascial/somatic massage with an RMT

  • Supplements + food for nervous system support with a Naturopathic Doctor
    and so much more

When: September 27 - 29, 2024 

Where: TBD (outside of Saskatoon)

Fee: TBD

Note: limited spaces available

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