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About Journey Home

What if we told you that you are already a perfectly created human? That you are already whole. Then what the hell are you doing here, right!? Let us explain... 

We take a different approach to mental health and 'doing the work'... we work from the basic belief that you are already whole, you are already perfect. 

Over time, in our society, exposure to trauma, repeated stress, anxiety and depression, we get questioned, minimized... we're told repeatedly over the years to look a certain way, act a certain way, do certain things, be certain things - no wonder we all think there is something inherently wrong with us! Surprise: there isn't. 

Journey Home is a somatic based collective space where we put the emphasis on reconnecting to our bodies. Through workshops, courses, programs, retreats and groups, we work on:

  • processing trauma that lives in our body (Somatic Experiencing)

  • understanding how our breath connects to our trauma, anxiety + depression (somatic breathwork),

  • releasing and purging trauma, physical disease and blocks (kambo)

  • learning more about how to nurture your body, what to put in it for optimal health (natural healthcare)

  • Learning to love and accept who you are, in your entirety, by journeying home back to yourself

We view this work, this space, as a tool towards reconnecting with yourself. Stuff you already have and know, but have probably forgotten. 

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