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We are so glad you're here

Journey Home is a somatic (connection to the body) based collective for authentic growth, healing and connection to self. 

We are a collective of practitioners from different fields of practice (therapists, breathwork, kambo, body talk, and more) who share one big thing - our love of somatic work. We view humans as innately perfect, and believe that there is nothing you need to change about yourself to find joy, purpose and happiness in life. Rather, you need to fully understand + accept who you are, right now. We learn this by attuning to our body, to understand our patterns, triggers, beliefs, biases, emotions and everything else. Journey Home is a community space where you can learn how to re-connect to yourself, accept and love every cell in your body.

You won't find toxic positivity and "love and light" spirituality here. We won't teach you to positive think your way out of things. Our style is raw, emotional and honest. We all practice what we preach. Our goal is to help guide you back to you, back to your foundations, to help you navigate your Journey Home. 

Ready to explore our offerings? Click the button below and start your journey home! 

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